Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media

Many platforms are available for marketing through social media. The most trafficked social media sites are Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter.1  The best way to choose a platform is to determine which aligns best with your company's strategy and goals. Oftentimes different platforms can provide various benefits to the companies based on its core function. For example, to establish high brand recognition through the use of photos, Instagram may be the most useful Social Media platform to accomplish this goal. 

Connectivity & FeedbackEdit

Facebook ; LinkedIn ; Myspace ; Yammer

Promotions & NewssharingEdit

Twitter ; RSS Feeds

Visuals & Photo ContestsEdit

Instagram; Flickr; Pinterest; YouTube

Check-in & Review sitesEdit

Yelp; foursquare

Which platform is the best for a brewery focused on connecting and interacting with consumers?

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