2011 Super Bowl XLV Doritos Ads commercials

2011 Super Bowl XLV Doritos Ads commercials


Whether your company is social media savvy or MIA from the internet there are benefits and pitfalls of social media marketing.  Every company should be aware of these and design a strategy specific for their company to maximize the positive impact and minimize the negative. 


The obvious benefit of social media marketing is brand recognition . A company that gets ahead of the curve on social media marketing builds a lasting image in the head of its customers. Other benefits of social media include:

  1. Community - social media marketing gives customers a feeling of belonging and ownership.
  2. Competitive Advantage - adding social media to your repertoire makes a company that much more competitive in the marketing arena.
  3. Repeat Exposure - What is ultimately the goal is to reinforce an idea to the customer about what sort of company you are.


It can be difficult to predict which social media campaigns will be successful and which will fall flat. 2   offers four insightful tips that may prevent companies from making common social media mistakes:

  1. Avoid using too many sites.
  2. Don't focus on the number of followers you have.
  3. You don't have a social media strategy.
  4. You don't track statistics.
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